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Production wraps on Vampire Thriller 'After Dark'

For our 2nd (and final) production of 2019, the Dark Temple Motion Pictures team has recently completed shooting a stylish and sexy modern-day take on vampires!

AFTER DARK is our 7th horror film and takes place in a neon-lit American city where a deadly infection is rapidly spreading, giving its inhabitants a taste for blood...

Here's the synopsis for the film:

During a wild night out, a young woman, Jennifer (Natalie Martins), is seduced into spending the night with a mysterious lady, Izabella (Jessica Alonso), and later wakes with no memory of the night's events.

Now, a strange infection is causing an unusual sickness within her, and with the help of her reluctant best friend (Peter Lofsgard) Jennifer must figure out the cause of her sickness, before she becomes something monstrous... Meanwhile, police detectives (Derek Nelson, Jonathan Hansler, Mark McKirdy) are investigating a series of grisly murders throughout the city, with each gruesome death leading their paths closer to Jennifer and her mysterious seductress...

The film stars Natalie Martins, Jessica Alonso, Derek Nelson, Peter Lofsgard,

Jonathan Hansler, Mark McKirdy and Barrington De La Roche, among many others,

in what is our largest cast to date!

AFTER DARK is a co-production between Dark Temple Motion Pictures & Ace Entertainment,

and is written by Charlie Steeds & Sam Ashurst, from an original story

by Sebastien Semon & Jerome Reygner-Kalfon.

The film is produced by Charlie Steeds, with Empire Studios'

Jamie McLeod Ross and Charley McDougall.

AFTER DARK is now in post-production and due for a 2020 release.

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