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Interview with Actor Barrington De La Roche

Throughout my films there's only been one actor who's returned every single time. No matter what the script is, I can always find a role, big or small, for actor Barrington De La Roche. Last December we wrapped production on my latest horror film 'Bad House', a ghost story that takes place in the 1960s, and it's the 9th project in which I've had the pleasure of directing Barrington.

Perhaps he's become my signature, or perhaps my good luck charm... here is his first interview for the Dark Temple Motion Pictures blog.

Charlie Steeds: Barrington, start by introducing yourself.

Barrington De La Roche: Barrington De La Roche. Artist, Actor, Filmmaker.

CS: It's been over 5 years since we first met, how did we come to work together exactly?

BDLR: I applied for the role of Balfour, a satanic cult leader, in your short film “God Will Fall” and felt we immediately had a connection.

CS: I remember the audition very well! You walked in, told me of your own experiences with satanism and black magic, then delivered your monologue glaring directly into my eyes whilst crawling over the casting table... it was quite frightening really. It was obvious I just had to cast you. After that we did another short film Birthright, and then onto the feature films, Labyrinthia (2015), Escape From Cannibal Farm (2016), The House of Violent Desire (2017), The Barge People (2017), Winterskin (2018) and now Bad House (2018)… What've been your highlights?

Barrington in THE BARGE PEOPLE

BDLR: Each and every film has been a challenge either in my accent or the characteristics of the persona of my character. Your scripts are character led and therefore challenging and exciting, creating an atmosphere of dynamic tension which is creatively fulfilling. Since our first encounter and that early connection there has been a continued atmosphere of mutual respect.

CS: We've worked together so often that we know each other's weaknesses and strengths, you've seen my movies develop since I was at film school. If something's looking shitty on set, you'll point it out and say "really Charlie?" and likewise I'll suggest something that everyone else on set thinks is totally wild and you just get it, you're willing to dive in "yep, let's do it, more blood, whatever" which encourages other actors. And I'm the same with your performances, we can be open and honest together. You've been through some gruelling experiences but we always have such a laugh!

BDLR: I like the way you direct me and give me plenty of freedom to explore the character within the parameters of your scripts. I understand your vision and have an empathy with the overall structure. CS: Viewer’s reactions to your performances can be quite hot or cold, you have some fans truly praising you as a stand out in my films, whilst others can struggle to take you seriously. Why is this do you think?

BDLR: People’s reactions to my performances are not really my concern as long as you are satisfied and I have given it my best shot.

CS: I think that's part of the excitement of casting you again and again. When an element of the film gets a mixed reaction like that, it makes me curious, I feel an urge to experiment. Everyone remembers you from my films though, without a doubt. And you always give your best shot.

BDLR: I think mixed reviews are great! It means people are reacting and therefore it has touched them in some way. Also I think that I am completely different in each film, moving out of my comfort zone to challenge myself with exploring each new character you invent for me.

CS: I love inventing new characters for you. In Winterskin you play a good guy, a sort of hero who comes to the rescue, which was interesting. Naturally I often write you a villain, but I always try to include a range of emotions and for you, sometimes its very over-the-top evil, other times it's quiet and emotional and intimate. Do you have any acting idols?

BDLR: I don’t have idols but I respect all actors knowing what a challenging career this is, but I can admire stand out performances. There are a few actors I particularly admire; Billy Bob Thornton, Harry Dean Stanton, Matthew McConaughey and of course Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson. I think that I am more intrigued by Directors as I am interested in a certain type of filmmaking and I have a love of performance and art.

CS: What do you aim to achieve with your acting career?

BDLR: I aim to achieve a thorough exploration of the medium of film to combine it with my other disciplines to create something totally unique.

CS: Great!

Check out Barrington in CANNIBAL FARM (buy here) and

THE HOUSE OF VIOLENT DESIRE (buy here) out now on DVD/VOD at

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