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Playing Crazy: Interview with Actor Peter Cosgrove

If you've seen any Dark Temple film recently, the devilish, growling, snarling, hissing, scruffy-haired, bearded MADMAN that is actor Peter Cosgrove, may have left an unsettling impression...

Now that our Gothic psychosexual thriller The House of Violent Desire has hit DVD in the US, Peter joins me for an interview to discuss his time on set, playing his most outrageous character to date, the despicable Hagen Whipley.

Charlie Steeds: Peter, let's start by discussing how we first came to work together.

Peter Cosgrove: I was fortunate enough to work for you on your first horror film, Escape from Cannibal Farm, and I didn't hesitate to come back when you told me you had me in mind for another role!

CS: When casting insane raving madmen, there's really no need to look further than you Peter.

PC: Previously I'd watched many of your short films and your talent really stood out. I was delighted to have had the chance to audition.

CS: And I'd followed your YouTube channel, where I'd seen you perform some monologues that were, frankly, disturbingly deranged... In The House of Violent Desire, my goal was to write you your ultimate madman. What did you think when you first read the script?

PC: I was overjoyed! The script was very different from Escape from Cannibal Farm, but even better in my opinion. As for Hagen Whipley, I love playing challenging and extreme characters, and I can think of few better than Hagen. In fact I can safely say Hagen has been my favourite character to play so far.

CS: We got to shoot the movie in a truly epic location, how was it to perform in that castle?

PC: I've been lucky enough to have been to some amazing locations, but this castle, in the South of France, was probably my favourite. The surroundings really transported us all into a bygone era, and made it so easy to get into character.

CS: The downside was that it was winter and the castle was freezing cold, but at least you got to perform most of your scenes in front of a huge fire, I think you were practically melting in front of it, I was slightly worried.

PC: The fire was rip roaring, and hot indeed! I think it really looks great on film.

CS: You had a nude scene, staggering through a thunder storm and marching into the castle... very dramatic! I imagine filming that was a little colder?

PC: Being barefoot, the ground was pretty cold. As for being naked, I'm never keen on nakedness for the sake of it, but there was good reason for Hagen to be that way, and it was very tastefully done.

CS: No full frontal...

PC: I don't think it should fill too many people with the wrong kind of terror...

CS: We had a packed out cast/crew/friends preview screening in Soho, London, what was your reaction to seeing the film for the first time?

PC: I was insanely happy! I knew what the Dark Temple team was capable of with your previous work on Escape from Cannibal Farm, but you raised the bar even further here.

CS: I think you raised the bar with your performance! The whole cast clapped at the end of one of your scenes, your delivery was just so intense, and that's a rare reaction, reserved for moments that really blow everyone away on set. We shot another film together earlier this year, Winterskin, where you came all the way out to Northern Finland with us, to shoot in the snow! How was that?

PC: While the filming in France (spending so much time with so many really cool people) was the most fun experience, I believe the script for Winterskin is the best, of the three movies we've done together. We had a blast in Finland! Such a beautiful country!

CS: You've been incredibly busy since then. What other films can we see you in soon?

PC: Stormtroopers, Violent Starr, The Viking War, Hotel Inferno 3: The Castle of Screams, Vikings Vs Krampus, Spirits in the Dark, Vikings Vs Scarecrow, Little Necro Red... No shortage of Vikings!!!

THE HOUSE OF VIOLENT DESIRE is available on DVD and VOD in the US and Canada, and coming soon to the UK.

WINTERSKIN is released early 2019.

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