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Dark Temple Motion Pictures is a London-based independent genre film production company. We produce multiple feature films per year, on commission, directly for investors/distribution companies. We've previously made films for 4Digital Media, High Fliers Films, Ace Entertainment, High Octane Pictures and many others.

Whilst some of our films are made to order from a specific concept/idea requested by buyers (Werewolf Castle, The Haunting of the Tower of London) most projects are pitched from our own original story ideas (Death Ranch, An English Haunting, Freeze).


The company began in 2016 with self-funded micro-budget features

(Escape From Cannibal Farm, The House of Violent Desire) which led to enough funding being offered to make as many films as we could all year round. With every film we've grown exponentially in scale, budget and ambition.


Our films have played festivals around the world including FrightFest London (at Cineworld Leicester Square) Grimmfest, and Portland's HP Lovecraft Film Festival (where our film Freeze won the award for Best Film). All of our films have been released internationally to Digital and DVD.

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