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New Film Announcement: WINTERSKIN

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I'm able to announce that Dark Temple Motion Picture's 4th horror feature film WINTERSKIN, in collaboration with High Octane Pictures, is set for production in January 2018.

The film has been pitched as Misery meets The Thing meets The Hateful Eight, and is a tense single-location blood-soaked snowbound thriller set in 1970s America, in the snowy mountains. The Dark Temple team will be heading to Lapland to capture the perfect winter wonderland setting needed for the film.

Here's a synopsis:

Whilst hunting in the snowy wilderness, Billy takes refuge in a seemingly abandoned log cabin when he suffers a shotgun wound to the leg.

Inside, kind and kooky lone inhabitant, old lady Agnes, is keen to nurse Billy back to health. But Billy soon learns this is no ordinary cabin, when Agnes warns him of the sinister skinless creatures that lurk in the surrounding snowy forest at night, leaving them trapped together inside the cabin…

The cast includes some returning Dark Temple regulars, including David Lenik (Escape From Cannibal Farm) in the leading role of Billy, and Rowena Bentley (The House Of Violent Desire) in her most colourful and complex role to dates as Agnes.

Other returning cast include Barrington De La Roche, Peter Cosgrove, Kate Davies-Speak, John Lomas, Harrison Nash and Dylan Curtis (among others).

Check out our mock-up poster art below, and stay turned for an official trailer in Spring 2018 and an DVD and VOD release next winter...

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