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And that's a wrap on Dark Temple Motion Pictures' 3rd horror feature film production THE BARGE PEOPLE! After a wild and relentless 17 day shoot, our incredible team has completed production on our messiest, most violent and outrageous movie so far.

THE BARGE PEOPLE is a bloodsoaked, retro-styled horror flick, think THE FOG meets THE HILLS HAVE EYES, that came about when actress Kate Davies-Speak put me in touch with screenwriter Christopher Lombard in the hopes that his canal-based horror script would peak my interest. And it must have grabbed my attention because just 16 months later we found ourselves on set of the movie. What I loved about the script was that it felt just like some late 70s horror flick I'd have loved to have rented from the video store when I was a kid, complete with brutal violence and extreme action and carnage!

Here's a bit about the story:

Set on the canals amidst the glorious British countryside, two sisters and their boyfriends head off for a relaxing weekend away on a barge. Everything is seemingly perfect until they crash into another barge, home to a rough, unfriendly, canal dwelling family. Now seeking retribution for the damage inflicted on their home, the canal family break in during the night to torment and torture the group. But night swiftly turns to nightmare when yet another family turn up – THE BARGE PEOPLE - a family of deranged, half-man half-fish mutants living off the grid and above the law on their canal side homestead! And they are hungry for only one thing… FLESH! Now the two hateful groups must work together to stand a chance of surviving the night.

Here's the cast list:

Kate Davies-Speak - Kat

Mark McKirdy - Mark

Natalie Martins - Sophie

Matt Swales - Ben

Makenna Guyler - Jade

Kane Surry - Ricky

Carl Andersson - Blade

David Lenik - Chester

Sam Lane - Razor

Emma Spurgin Hussey - The Landlady

Tim Cartwright - Albert

Harrison Nash - Max

Barrington De La Roche - Elderly Man

Expect to see an official trailer in early 2018 and the film will hit VOD and DVD in late 2018 - early 2019.

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