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Escape From Cannibal Farm

Following my debut feature film (Labyrinthia, 2015) "Escape From Cannibal Farm" is my latest feature, inspired by the 70s horror classics THE HILLS HAVE EYES and TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE but set in the British countryside! Me and my cinematographer Michael Lloyd shot the film in the west of England throughout June of 2016 with an incredible cast of 18 wonderful actors (and barrels of blood, literally) and the film is now in post-production, aiming for an early 2017 release!! More posts to follow soon!

The film's trailer (65,000 views and counting!) was released online on August 22nd, the 30th Anniversary of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2, which we screened at the Inner Sanctum cinema club in Soho, London, for our wrap party! Watch it below:

Jack Miller returns as the ill-fated Sammy Hansen...

Kate Marie Davis is back and more badass than ever on a revenge mission as Jessica Harver!

The CHAINSAWS are out!

Introducing our horror villain THE BOY WITH THE MELTED FACE

Blood makes a great hiding place...

The film tells the story of the unsuspecting Harver family, who head out on a idyllic summer camping trip to the West Country, where they are ambushed and attacked by an unknown force... seeking refuge in the nearby farm, they encounter a demented family of farmers, hell-bent on caging them like animals and selling their flesh!

You can check for further updates on the film and all the latest news and behind the scenes material by following our social media pages:



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